Contributors & the Project

Why not offer a fair price on stock photography?

The final customer, you, pay the photo more than 32 times the amount that the author of the image receives.
We want to sell photos with fairness and equity for both parties. That’s why we pay more to the author and we charge less to you.

We earn less money per photo but we are happier!

How can i become a contributor?

First of all: Enter here in order to sell your photos.

Go ahead, we start paying twice (0,50€) the amount paid by other stocks per photo sold.
We want to be fair.

The headquarters of the project is in San Lorenzo de el Escorial, a town established on the slope of Mount Abantos in Madrid, Spain.

You can contact via email at or via whatsapp on +34 633 160 477.
Whether you want to be a collaborator or client, we will be happy to solve all your doubts and we will give you the information you need.